The Hoops Market About Us

The Hoops Market is a comprehensive basketball company dedicated to creating the best environment for the next generation of players. Our goal is to provide them with the opportunity to live out their full potential as players. We strive to continue doing our part in helping to secure a scholarship or a professional career for each of our players that have remained loyal to us. Although scholarships are tough to come by, and a professional career even more rare, that will remain our mission. 

At The Hoops Market, we genuinely care for our players, coaches, and families within our network, and want them to succeed at every stage of their career. We love having players stay connected to us, obviously while they are still playing, but also long after they are finished playing. Growing up playing basketball has made the biggest impact on my life, providing me with the best memories as well as many of the life habits I have created through twenty years of playing ball. As Founder of Hoops Market, I have made it my number one goal to give back to the upcoming generations of this amazing sport. It is my personal goal to help each willing player advance to the next level, no matter what their background is or how many resources they have or don’t have.

Hoops Market was founded on four cornerstones: fun, education, implementation, and repetition. We want each player to continuously develop a lifelong love for the game. We will provide your son or daughter with the best instruction from the area’s top coaches. Once we have educated them, we will then implement the different strategies we have come up with based on our initial workout with your child. We will strive to make them fundamentally sound across the board, and we will develop these skills to become second nature through repetition. As your child advances, so will the drills that we provide to them. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure that each player receives the personal attention they desire.